Buah Merah Business

This Red Pandanus (Tawy) Oil Business Offered by The Mulik Tawy Cooperative (KMT) founded by the Baliem Arabica Cooperative and PAPUAmart.com group to serve various needs for this Heavenly Oil.

 The Red Pandanus (Tawy) previously has very important social-cultural values and useful among Papuan peoples since our ancestors is now found very beneficial medically, and consequently it has a direct economic impact.

After the health benefits being found for curing various modern diseases that has been known as deadly, we know that a business opportunity is open to us Papuans to lead in marketing and selling the Tawy Oil around the world.

We offer anyone in the world to become Reseller of our ready to consume Red Pandanus Oil that we ourselves produce.

We produce in very simple way and with traditional method of production. We are working hard to modernise the metod of production from traditional to semi-modern in short time.

The Tawy Oil that we are offering is in form of “Oil”/ Essence of the Red Pandanus Fruit, ready for consumption and/ or production in 5 litres, 10 litres, 25 litres, 50 litres and 100 litres packages.

The Papua Red Pandanus Oil Busines presents this offer to you for the benefit of heling and well-being of many people who need around the world.

For all information about the Red Pandanus in English please visit blog posts at www.blog.buahmerah.biz and in Indonesian language at www.buahmerahwamena.com


Here are the Reseller Package on Offer:

  1. Basic Reseller Package with minimal order of 5 Litres @US$85.00 (Only for local Reseller)
  2. Medium Reseller Package with minimal order of 10 Litres (Only for local Reseller)
  3. Dropship Package to whoever submits capitals to us to sell as a drop-shipper by sending Rp.1.000.000,- (One million rupiahs) We will keep this money for handling feeds to orders submitted by the drop-shipper.
  4. Early Reseller Package with minimum order of 20 Litres @US $80.00
  5. Reseller and Distributor Package of 50 Litres @US$80
  6. Reseller Package as Agent with minimal order of 100 Litres @US$70.


To become our Reseller, please contact us at PAPUAmart.com

SMS/ Phone: +62(0)81286101000



Alternatively you can purchase our Red Pandanus Oil at the following address.