Red Pandanus Fruit from Jayapura Area Begins to be processed Locally in Jayapura

The Red Pandanus Fruit from the Isle of New Guinea (Papua Soil) being widely hunted by people around the world is now being processed at the BANANA Leaf Cafe HQ at Jalan Khalkote, Kampung Harapan, Eastern Sentani District of Jayapura Regency, Papua Province.

Jhon Yonathan Kwano as the owner and concept builder of the Papua Cafe development says that the development of New Guinea Red Fruit or Papua Red Fruit will be carried out by a team of expert by traditional elders who traditionally are the heads of the Tawy (Buah Merah/ Read Pandanus Fruit). He says,

We are not going on the path of modern business mind. We are on our own path. Our Tawy Business is being run under the guidelines of Tawy Harvesting and Processing guidelines as they have been passed down from our past generations. We are not only business-oriented, but we are also building a system to also protect the socio-cultural aspect of the Tawy fruit.

Kwano says at this particular moment, towards the end of August 2015, we are focusing on exploring what the Tabi Cultural Land has to offer in terms of Tawy Fruit.

Kwano also explains that the Jayapura Red Fruit Farmers have also supplied the Tawy Fruits two times already so far since mid-August 2015. He expects all Tawy Farmers from Jayapura region will bring their Tawy to the BANANA Leaf Cafe to get processed because the Processed Red Fruit Oil (Minyak Tawy) will then be displayed and sold at, or at small kiosks called Kios Kaka Lingkar throughout the Isle of New Guinea and around the globle.